Remembering a Dear Friend

Susan, small

This week my friend and former coworker Susan Alexander passed away. I will always cherish her kindness, wisdom, depth, sweet smile of warm welcome, and her dry, sharp wit. Though often reserved and reflective, at any moment, and usually with a straight face, an unexpected comment would cross her lips sending an entire room into uncontrollable laughter.

Susan had many words of spot-on wisdom for me over the years. Perhaps no words, however, spoke as clear and true as those she shared during one of our final conversations. At the end of the call, I asked what my partner Herb and I could do for her. Her reply: “Enjoy Life!” I hold those words as both blessing and encouragement from my dear friend and pray that in this new phase of existence she too is enjoying LIFE as never before.


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10 Responses to Remembering a Dear Friend

  1. Monette L. Taylor says:

    The article concerning her passing was just in the Austin Statesman, this week. Wondered why it took so long … Have fun with Sharon and be careful. Love you both!

  2. Cathey Capers says:

    Dear Scott,
    I learned this sad news from your post. The photo speaks so well of Susan’s welcoming manner. The few occasions I had to be with her were just so. Thanks for sharing her words of wisdom- that all of us might take to heart.

  3. Monette L. Taylor says:

    So sorry for the loss of your friend, Susan. Loss is always hard, but it’s nice to realize she is in a better place. Hope you and Herb are doing well. Things are “as usual” here in La Grange. Love you guys

  4. Jane says:

    Did you take the photo of her. It is lovely.

  5. Jane says:

    Beautiful words, I am thinking of you and sending love.

  6. Julie Bowman says:

    What a beautiful tribute, Scott….and I am so sorry for your loss. Hard to bear the departure of these loving souls, yet it sounds like her generous gifts of spirit will remain with you. Gods’ grace to you, and to those who loved her. Julie

    • scott says:

      Thank you Julie. Yes, I feel and know that Susan’s generous spirit and sparkling wit abide with me and all who have known her.

  7. Scott, your tribute to Susan was so beautifully and gently offered. Thank you so much for sharing it with all who know you and who may know Susan. I deeply appreciated your tenderness toward her.

    • scott says:

      Jean, thank you for taking the time to read it. The blog entry was a small way to honor someone who was incredibly kind to me, and we almost always shared a good laugh together. She will be missed, and her presence in some way abides.

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