Everybody Wants to Rule the World: A Haiku

CowboyRules, Small

Here is a photo I took of our fox terrier, Cowboy, reigning as top pet in the house.

Below is a haiku inspired by the photo. Please share a haiku that comes to you as you view the photo. (A traditional haiku is 3 lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables.)

I rule this house. Snarl

At dogs; bite cats; it’s hard work!

You can pet me now.

P.S. If you or someone you know has lost a pet, please join us for a night to remember and celebrate the lives of our animal companions this Wednesday, April 3 in San Rafael, California. For more details, go to the Classes webpage.

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11 Responses to Everybody Wants to Rule the World: A Haiku

  1. David Livingston Styers says:

    Regal in white, brown
    Nothing passes me around
    With kisses abound

  2. nancy mccranie says:

    Hold it right there, pal.
    You can’t go any further.
    Hand over the treats.

    • scott says:

      Nancy, you understand Cowboy well!!! Much love to you Bill and the boys…and your own sweet dogs.

  3. Karli sings the blues.

    Cowboy, bites me every time!

    It is all good, though.

    [For; Marley, Mookie, Muffin, Jerry and Yoko.]

  4. Julie Bowman says:

    I see a squirrel.
    Must not leave my post. Must. Not.
    Zen Dog! Zen Dog! Stay.

  5. Cheryl Driscoll says:

    Muddy paws. Here. There.
    Everywhere. And in my heart.
    Memories always.

    For you Spooky – left my arms 1999,
    forever missed.

    • scott says:

      Yes, in our hearts always Cheryl. I know in some way Spooky remains in and with you always.

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