Coming Out of the Closet…Again

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I have a confession to make. I’ve been seeing someone. It’s been very intimate and private. Yes, my partner knows about it, and it’s ok.

Where does this happen and who is it? Early mornings in my studio I close my eyes, relax and let myself descend into a sanctuary I’ve created in my own imagination. In that sanctuary I sense that something other than my conscious mind takes over. There I have met with my grandparents, my parents, Buddha, Mary, and animal guides. But the most frequent visit is with Jesus Christ.

I know that for many of us spending time with Jesus sounds like a fundamentalist’s relic, laden with toxic theology. But this is not the stale, suffocating, disconnected-from-real-life Jesus Christ of organized religion. It is a living, fresh encounter with a vibrant Christ. During and after these times together I feel liberated, whole, inspired, encouraged, grounded and washed over with love. I feel as if life is starting over with unlimited potential.

What do we do? Sometimes, we sit in a beautiful garden and admire nature. Sometimes we enter a chapel and soak in the luxurious silence. Sometimes we look out over the ocean and chat. Other times symbols or feelings or colors or other sacred figures appear, each with a message or healing gift. It’s as if I’m meeting Jesus for the first time and discovering that he’s exactly what I had hoped he would be: warm, welcoming, insightful, funny, mystical…someone who really gets me, meets me where I am and gently leads me to a more authentic expression of myself.

So, what is really happening? Is it all just my subconscious mind creating fantasies in a state of half-sleep? Am I actually on tuning in to the Spirit of Christ, whatever that means? I’m not sure, and I don’t think it’s relevant. I only know that I am experiencing Life as freer, truer, lighter and more trustworthy. A bit more compassion is flowing for others and for myself.  And it’s a result of rekindling a relationship I had almost written off as irreconcilable with my sexuality, intellectual honesty and my affinity for other faith traditions.

I’m not sure what to call myself as I come out of the closet and claim that I regularly meet with Jesus. The only word that comes to mind is “grateful”.

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9 Responses to Coming Out of the Closet…Again

  1. Monette L. Taylor says:

    I think I need to try this; my life is pretty hectic, now, but nothing I can’t deal with with help from the Lord.

  2. nancy mccranie says:

    Thank you, Scott. This is wonderful.

  3. Barbara-Grace says:

    Scott, Your courage, vulnerability, and expression of what is true for you is inspiring. Thank you, and I thank Janice for leading me to you in the Pet Loss evening. Care, Barbara-Grace

    • scott says:

      Barbara-Grace, I am glad you found the entry helpful, and I am grateful to Janice for getting us connected and for your gracious presence at the pet loss evening. Blessings and peace, Scott

  4. Cheryl Driscoll says:

    I just feel bathed in love, Scott, after reading your sharing of Jesus. I so look forward to spending some time with you, when I come to visit Jane and Val, some day in the future.

    • scott says:

      Dear Cheryl, I look forward to that visit too! Until then may your every day be bathed in that love you are experiencing today. Scott

  5. jane says:

    What a beautiful confession! Love Jane

    • scott says:

      Thank you Jane! And thank you for helping make Tuesday Night Live such a wonderful evening! See you next week. Love, Scott

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