Fly Versus Spider


Recently I recorded the video below of a pitched battle in the window sill of my studio. Do you feel sadness for the fly during its last flailing moments or relief for the spider securing a needed meal?

Below is a haiku I wrote based on the video. Please take a moment to share your own haiku.

Fly versus spider:

Don’t take death personally. 

It’s the way of things. 

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2 Responses to Fly Versus Spider

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi Scott.
    This is a difficult one for me and I am unable to write a haiku. I watched the video, the buzzing final moments. While I understand your beautifully written haiku – death is part of this circle of life – it is also difficult not to take it personally. We are living, breathing beings who are then not living, not breathing. The memories are still lingering however. Does the fly have a family that will miss his presence? Does the spider have a family to feed? I watched another video last night with a Syrian father who learned that his young son had not died, as he had believed. The tears from the father when he finally got to hold his young boy and the wailing of the other men around them both is still stuck in my mind and my heart. The juxtaposition of both these videos reveals the fullness. It is the way of things – and it is difficult to not take it personally – and then we continue. We get nourished by both if we were are able. Thank you for sharing your haiku and the video. Thank you.

    • scott says:

      Thank you Stephanie for your thoughtful, heartfelt, eloquent reply. Your point is well taken…death is always personal when it touches our lives. I felt sad today when a daisy I’ve been caring for finally died. How much more the grief, the personal sense of loss, when a human loved one leaves our lives. And it’s also the way of things, the circle of life…an inescapable, universal reality beyond the personal hurt. As you so wisely said, holding both truths is wholeness. Thank you!

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