Your Holiday Movie Previews! (With a Few Twists)

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As we approach the end of the year, Hollywood is poised to release several blockbusters featuring household names in starring roles. While you may be familiar with the movie titles, you might not be familiar with the plots. So, below is a brief synopsis of three prominent upcoming films:

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Katniss Everdeen, an obscure woman representing her district (brilliantly performed by newcomer Wendy Davis) rises to become a household name almost overnight. She ignites a firestorm when she dares to defy the Capitol’s heavy-handed cabal (portrayed by the lusciously malevolent David Dewhurst and the Texas Legislature), who ruthlessly suppress any opposition as their authoritarian power structure begins to crumble.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – Bilbo Baggins, a diminutive Hobbit (portrayed by the small in stature but large in spirit Robert Reich) attempts to cajole and inspire a bumbling gang of infighting dwarves (the Democratic Party), in a quest to reclaim their lost homeland. Bilbo is in possession of a dangerous yet powerful ring (a.k.a. Truth-Telling) and leads an effort to save Middle Earth (the Middle Class) from its impending demise by facing down Orcs (the Republican Party) and, in this sequel, the dragon Smaug (voiced by Ted Cruz), which Tolkein described as “a most specially greedy, strong and wicked worm.”

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues – A narcissistic, misogynistic anchorman stuck in the 1970’s (played flawlessly by Bill O’Reilly) gains a vast national audience on a cable news network, where with the help of his cohorts (played by Sean Hannity, Chris Wallace, Karl Rove and a host of over-the-top character actors), he makes a mockery of journalism and distracts the public from honest debate with news that is anything but fair and balanced.

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3 Responses to Your Holiday Movie Previews! (With a Few Twists)

  1. Nancy says:

    You are brilliant…and very funny. And one if the most open-minded people I know!! Thanks for your blog. Keep the creativity coming our way!

  2. Rhona Ballarta says:

    Seems like this articles plainly portrays your dislike for right wing people. But I encourage you to be open minded too…….most liberal media are controlled by the WH regarding what they report. If we truly seek the truth then we should be be just one-side intellect.

    • scott says:

      Hi Rhona, Thanks for taking the time to read the post and write a response. I hope you are doing well. Actually, I’m not impressed with the reporting of our media, be it left-leaning or right-leaning. More focus is placed on vapid celebrities and on the “horse race” aspect of our political system than on exploring the substance of critical issues (much less engaging in investigative journalism). I don’t hate right-wing people. Nor do I find myself enamored with the Democratic Party, which in large part has been purchased by those corporate interests that don’t already own the Republicans. Sadly, there is very little in politics that is progressive. My quarrel with conservative politics in this country is that it appeals to the basest aspects of human nature (fear and narcissistic over-consumption) and that it is practiced with a religious zeal that lacks humble self-reflection. Its blind, unquestioned belief in the free market as a divine power that will heal all ills is ripping apart the social fabric of our nation, creating unprecedented income inequality that is crushing socio-economic mobility, yielding unfair/unsafe working conditions at home and abroad, and sickening the planet itself. Democrats have not proffered an effective, heartfelt, cogent response to this narrative, but at least they bumbled their way toward slowing its progress. That’s not enough. Hate conservatives? No. Absolutely appalled by the desolation wreaked by conservative policies? Yes!

      Wishing you love, mercy, peace, happiness and wellbeing. Scott

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