Doggie Shadows

Doggie Shadows

Sometimes I feel like I’m chasing my own tail,

round and round and round,

like a whirling dervish unable

to find God at the axis of spinning.


Dizzy and confused, I look down.

The Always Shining Light

shows me I’ve really been chasing

my own shadow.


When the silhouette is still,

I realize I have a choice.

It has no independent existence.


I can make the shadow wax and wane,

flicker in and out,

simply by shifting my position in the Light.


Realizing the truth,

I no longer need to chase my own tail.

My own shadow

stares back at me.

I finally catch up with myself.


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3 Responses to Doggie Shadows

  1. Jazz says:

    Spinning on multiple layers — visible shadows and those darned Jungian shadows and then the dog and the light serving as pivot point either Sufi-Spirit or ordinary lamp on pole. WOW. Thank you for the ride through the blender – splendid.

  2. Cheryl Driscoll says:

    Nice posting, Scott. Don’t we all, at times, chase our own tail when, really, all we need to do is be still and let the peace of God settle onto us.

  3. nancy mccranie says:

    LOVE IT!!!

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