On a Foggy Day You Can See Forever

Foggy Bridge

Each morning, the gentle breeze of meditation

clears my foggy mind.

For a moment, the haze of what I thought I knew


I remember Who I Am.

Freed from plans, expectations and my

house-of-cards identity,

a clarity emerges up my spine,

and I know eternity in my body.


Then my eternity collapses into an angst-ridden

list of to-do’s, the end of which,

like a highway mirage,

is always two miles ahead.


Eternity doesn’t abandon me when minutia becomes my idol.

Through hints and invitations,

I AM calls me to remember

That I Am.

No predicate. Simply I Am.


Then the dense cloud of my momentary concerns

vaporizes in the way that

all passing weather systems must.


Today’s reminder comes as

as I cross the Golden Gate Bridge

into mystery.

A cotton candy blanket of fog envelops

the bridge with its velvety precipitation.

The road ahead, a soup of uncertainty,

offers no answers.


I surrender to the Unknowing.


In that surrender of

grasping for answers

and striving for perfection,

I am left with one thing I know:




The infinitude of possibility

opens before me

…in me

…as me.

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5 Responses to On a Foggy Day You Can See Forever

  1. Cariadne says:

    Lovely and inspiring writing, this gift of a posting Scott. Thank you. Writing from New Zealand for me the image of the Golden Gate connects me again to the Bay Area. Whenever I go across I never cease being overwhelmed with the capacity of humans to create magnificent beauty.

  2. Jennifer says:

    What a breath of freshness – put a lilt tale back into me as I read.

  3. Jazz says:

    Thank you – good encouragement to plunge into the unknown’s bounty of possibilities

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