Arrested by an Iris

Bearded Iris

Bearded irises erupted in our front yard, proclaiming with royal brilliance spring’s arrival. Every time I start to walk past them, awe stops me. I am arrested by beauty. I pause, admire, and am grateful.

What if more and more could have the same effect? What if gratitude were available virtually every moment, everywhere? What if my aperture for gratitude expanded to include washing machines, pears, sidewalks and black-capped chickadees?

I’m starting to notice how many “things” support me every day. Socks and sandwiches, cats and carburetors, ivies and eyeglasses. From the simplest convenience to superfluous joy-boosters like the iris, my entire life is sustained and defined by grace.

What if I basked in God-essence exuding from an aeonium’s buttery bloom outside my window? What if even the paper towel became worthy of my adoration? What if I acknowledged my office chair for its support and the mouse for its skillful guidance of the cursor? What if I thanked my cuddling pajamas?

Buddhists talk about interdependent arising; no one thing exists in and of itself. Everything is an interdependent web of interconnected causes. Each gives and receives in ever-expanding ripples of overlapping reciprocity.

The enlightened eye sees through the nebulous border where one thing begins and another ends.

What if the division between the pear tree and me totally dissolved? What if the separation between you and me was seen for the illusion it is?

How would life change if midst genuine pain, frustration, injustice, and uncertainty, we embraced with a full heart every tidbit of grace, revered every thread of the interconnected web of all Being?

Would we able to bear such all-infusing gratitude? Can our hearts hold that much sacred joy? Let’s find out.

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3 Responses to Arrested by an Iris

  1. nancy mccranie says:

    I love this. Gratitude is always the reset button for me, reminding me how miraculous life truly is.

    Love to you!


  2. Hannah O'Donoghue says:

    The two O’Donoghues were deeply drawn into the spirit of your blog.
    It comes at a time as we notice the convergence of several awareness’s in our lives.
    Thank you
    Adeline and Hannah

  3. Absolutely what I needed to encounter today! Thank you, Scott. Love your iris, and will now go see if I can feel such for my aging and failing washing machine … which HAS been a companion through many years and continues to serve (as I write this) in spite of evident decline. I shall ponder “nebulous borders” with gratitude for this inspiration.

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