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What is Your Original Face?


I had a disturbing dream recently. I was in an underground parking lot, and police were making an arrest. The man being arrested was charged with a crime: stealing other people’s faces. All around the garage were angry men with … Continue reading

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Kittens and People Seek A Home

Cougar Dining Room Chair

A few months ago, my partner Herb and I went to a rescue foundation to look at a few kittens. We had chatted about getting a kitten in the next year or so, but had no intention of bringing one home…yet. … Continue reading

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Can You Trust a Burning Bush?

Burning Bush

How do we know what path in life to take? When the road splits, which fork do we take and why? The story of Moses provides some insights that still have relevance for us today. As the tory goes in the … Continue reading

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