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What “Truth” Do You Live By?


Holy Week follows the trajectory of Jesus’ last week from life through death to resurrection. The story is filled with pivotal choices, perhaps none more poignant than Pilate’s dilemma. Should he release Jesus whom he believes to be innocent? Or … Continue reading

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Who Really Speaks for God?


I’ve been watching Facebook posts by high school and college classmates who quote the Bible in their political tirades. When called out on misogynistic, homophobic, racist, Islamophobic or jingoistic views, their response is, “Don’t be a hater. These are God’s … Continue reading

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Jesus Wasn’t Nice

Jesus Prays

We confuse “being nice” with love. Jesus was loving, but Jesus was not concerned with being nice. Being nice is often an attempt to avoid conflict, prevent/repress anger, earn approval, and project a facade that evokes admiration and affection. Love … Continue reading

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