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What is Your Original Face?


I had a disturbing dream recently. I was in an underground parking lot, and police were making an arrest. The man being arrested was charged with a crime: stealing other people’s faces. All around the garage were angry men with … Continue reading

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The Mind is Like a Fox Terrier

Cowboy with Pillows

“I have nothing to do with this talking. It is just like the sparrows chirping.”  Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj, translated by Prasanna Below is a haiku inspired by the the quote above and by this photo of Cowboy, our Fox Terrier. Please … Continue reading


What Is the Sound of One Poppy Blooming?


These Orange Chiffon Poppies burst into sight through every other foliage in the garden, yet the bloom only lasts one day. Splendor is always in the moment and transitory, whether it be a poppy or a human lifetime. Below is … Continue reading

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