LGBTQ Inter-Spirituality

While many of us have abandoned traditional religion, we still yearn for a sense of the sacred in our lives that includes yet transcends our sexual identity. In many ancient cultures, those who did not fit within the norms of sexual identity were valued for their ability to “walk between” the sexes. Their gift was an ability to bridge the divide between male and female as well as bridge the divide between humans and the divine. Because they were not encumbered with the blinders and responsibilities of supposed normalcy, they could discern the mysterious movements of the human spirit and of the Spirit. Walking between the sexes was a spiritual advantage.

How can those of us who identify as LGBTQ reclaim and evolve this vibrant spiritual heritage? What might it look like today? Is it possible that queer folks rediscovering our innate giftedness and spiritual vitality will lead the renewal of our institutions, culture and ecology? Come explore these questions and your own questions with other LGBTQ spiritual seekers.

This group is not so much about sexual orientation as it is about the spiritual path, which is influenced and informed by our sexual orientation. Joining with others in the LGBTQ community to explore the spiritual path can take us to places and realizations we would not experience alone or in other communities. This group is non-sectarian and will use resources from various traditions as well as our own creations, periods of silence, laughter and lively discussion.

If you are interested in this group, please contact me so that I can notify you when we start to meet.

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