Grounding Therapy

“One is nearer God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.” Dorothy Frances Gurney

For many of us, spirituality has become detached from our bodies. We are not grounded. We do not know how to be earthly and heavenly minded at the same time. We may pray or meditate our way to peace but struggle to bring that tranquility back to daily life. For others of us, the challenge is connecting with our emotions and with a sense of Something beyond the daily humdrum.

One way to bridge the gaps between heart, mind, spirit and body is by interacting with nature. When you come for a session, there is a garden nearby. You and I can start or end your session in the garden planting, getting our hands dirty, cultivating, weeding, watering, pruning, digging up or harvesting.

Tending to a garden is a tangible metaphor for tending to our own wellbeing. Caring for a garden can literally ground us and open the way for a deeper session by bringing us to our senses. You may find that in the casual conversation that ensues in the garden, your issue clarifies and transformation begins. The garden tends to your wellbeing just as you tend to its nurture.

Grounding Therapy, or “Dirty Hands Therapy”, is an optional beginning or ending for any session, weather permitting. Whether or not you get your hands dirty, I always encourage you to begin and/or end your session in nature to ground yourself. You are not only nearer to the heart of the divine but also to your own heart in a garden.

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