Healing and awakening accelerate when we join others in a safe, open, heart-centered space. While individuals can experience profound transformation, groups of individuals can take quantum leaps forward together.

Why is this so? A group where people share a common intention generates immense positive energy  that empowers each person’s quest to get honest and free. Shared wisdom shines light on dark corners of the mind that would never be illuminated on one’s own. In such a community, small ego stories dissolve into the larger story of our shared human experience, and strangely, life starts making more sense.

Wherever two or three or more gather together, a quality of Spirit is present. That presence connects and energizes those participating, and yet exceeds and expands them.  The group becomes more than the sum of its parts. New ways of thinking, previously unimagined possibilities, inspiration, enthusiasm and self-awareness emerge that we do not experience individually. A liberating way of engaging life begins to unfold.

Most of the groups I host are free of charge (donations welcome). The groups below are currently forming and will meet monthly. If you are interested in one of these groups, please contact me so that I can notify you when we start to meet.

Tuesday Night Live 

Pet Loss Support

Christianity Reboot

GLBTQ Inter-Spirituality

Interfaith Meditation

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