What do you most want in your life? Happiness? Love? Purpose? Feeling at home and vibrantly alive in your own skin?

Have you grasped for one thing after another hoping that each would do the trick: A good job, more money, new sources of excitement, sex, control, the next relationship, religion, and an endless string of books, podcasts, and workshops?

I believe that you already have within you the wisdom, peace, healing power, and spark that you seek. Whether you refer to it as Source, God, consciousness, the sacred, or a deep connection with all life, it is the truest essence of who you are and is already within you. The great journey is inward.

My work is to act as a guide on that inner journey. I create a welcoming space in which every part of you belongs and finds acceptance, even those aspects that we all tend to avoid. Coming home to your full self, your natural spirit bubbles up to the surface, exuding gratitude and infinite wholeness. It is from that experience of wholeness that you are liberated to respond to life as it really is here and now with the best you have to offer.

Isn’t it time to discover, integrate, and celebrate your truest self? If you are ready to come fully alive from the inside out, I am ready to work with you in a relaxed, safe, fun and supportive environment.

For more information and to set up and appointment, contact me.


What do we actually do in a session?

Above all, I believe that what makes this kind of work effective is a quality of presence, unconditional compassion, mutual commitment and a shared intention for growth, healing and freedom. That’s the environment for every session. With that as a given, sessions include one or more of the following methods, depending on which is the best fit for you. Click on the links below for more information about each method.

How long do sessions last?

After an initial phone interview to make sure we are a good fit to work together, the initial session is generally 90 minutes. Most subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.

Are sessions confidential?

Yes, everything you say in a session is confidential. This is my commitment to you so that our work together can be honest, deep and not waste time beating around the bush. Confidentiality is also part of the professional code of ethics for hypnotherapy and spiritual guidance.

Where do sessions take place?

At my office in San Rafael, California, which is located in the center of town between Sun Valley and the West End, or at another office in North Berkeley, California. Because hospitality is an important part of any therapy, hot tea is always available.

What is the cost?

$75 per session.

Unlike psychotherapy, sessions tend to be far fewer in number, which makes this kind of work a great value. Discounts and packages are also available.

If you cannot afford one-on-one sessions, other options include attending group meetings, most of which are without charge (donations welcome), or enrolling in a class.

For more information and to set up and appointment, contact me.

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