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A Whale of a Tale that Misses the Point

Pink Whale

Last week I finally took down the remaining Christmas decorations, including this glass whale ornament. It reminded me of the Biblical story of Jonah, which most people know but few understand. What is the actual point of the story? You … Continue reading

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Is Lake Tahoe Good Enough?

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe. Lying in a hammock last week overlooking the placid waters, I wondered what could be better. Of course, my mind quickly had an answer: “The two jet skis could be silent. If only the sun would move off … Continue reading

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Ain’t That a Shame


I’ve been a bit prickly lately. Negative internal chatter. Knee-jerk emotional responses. What’s going on? Ah yes, one of those old issues which I had totally resolved (right!?!) was rearing its head again. It’s the return of ye olde perfectionist … Continue reading

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