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Taking a Space Rocket to God

Space Rocket Epiphyllum

This is a Space Rocket Epiphyllum that lives on our front porch. The diner-plate-sized blossoms explode in shades of fuchsia and crimson and then dissolve after a couple of days. The blooms, though short-lived, transport me in my imagination to … Continue reading

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The Cross of Being Human


What meaning does the symbol of the cross or crucifix still hold, including for those who may not identify themselves as Christian? Does it have anything of value to offer in today’s world? I purchased this crucifix shown in the … Continue reading

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Do You Hate Samaritans?


Do you hate Samaritans? If not, one of Jesus’ most famous teachings, The Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37), won’t work as intended. The leverage point of the parable is that Jesus’ hearers despised their northern Samaritan neighbors, and … Continue reading

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