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Blessed Are The Cheese Makers


In the Monty Python movie “Life of Brian”, Jesus is heard from a distance saying, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” People on the periphery of the crowd mangle Jesus’ words. “What did he say?”  “I think it was, ‘Blessed are the … Continue reading

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Lord of the Dance

Shiva Nataraja

My prayer time and meditation practice has felt rather stale and empty lately. The emptiness I’m ok with because I want to be emptied of all my silly stories and ego patterns. Yet, even in this necessary spaciousness, I’ve sensed … Continue reading

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Balancing on the Paradox Rope


“If it’s not paradoxical, it’s not true.” Shunryu Suzuki Life is a balancing act. When we walk across a narrow piece of wood or concrete,  we naturally extend our arms in opposite directions and find balance in the middle. As … Continue reading

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