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MLK Book

What would Martin Luther King do? (W.W.M.L.K.D.) That is the question many are addressing this week as we commemorate his birth. Disparate interest groups are claiming that, were he alive today, he would support their cause. The most outlandish claim … Continue reading

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Barkly and Mitts: Who Will Lead the Pack?


Below is a short story without an ending. Read it and notice what your gut reaction is. What do you think happens next? There’s no right or wrong answer, but your first response is likely the most honest and the … Continue reading

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The Pecking Order: A Brief Followup to Chik-fil-A


In reading the flurry of online activity about Chik-fil-A’s financial support of anti-gay marriage groups, I finally realized what’s actually going on here beneath the veneer of Bible quotes and the first amendment. The voices of privilege, in this case evangelical … Continue reading

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