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You Say You Want a Revolution? Read Leviticus


The Biblical book of Leviticus is a tedious read, and so, with the exception of homophobic rants about a man not “lying with a male as with a woman”, the text is quoted about as often as President Warren Harding’s … Continue reading

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May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!


In The Hunger Games, the ruling leisure class subjugates their starving fellow citizens, who are confined to several districts, each of which provides an essential natural resource for the Capitol.  In an annual contest, a male and a female adolescent … Continue reading

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“Prayer for the Earth” by Scott Quinn


(Have a candle and match, dirt or a rock, water in a bowl, and a feather or incense.) We pray for our planet. We look East and remember the air. (Face east and wave the feather or light the incense.) … Continue reading

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