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Kitties on the Savannah: A Haiku


Here is a photo I took of our two cats, Jezebel and Beebee, lazing in the backyard (the savannah) underneath Mexican Bamboo. Below is a haiku inspired by the photo. Please share a haiku that comes to you as you … Continue reading

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Starfish: A Haiku


Here is a photo I took last week of a starfish washed up on Tennessee Beach just after high tide here in Marin County, California. After spending a few moments admiring its shape, solidity, color, and texture, I tossed it back into … Continue reading

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Fat Cat and the Kibble-Shaker


Below is a short story without an ending. Read it and notice what your gut reaction is. What do you think happens next? There’s no right or wrong answer, but your first response is likely the most honest and the … Continue reading

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