Transforming Anger into Personal Power

Anger is no doubt one of the most difficult emotions for us to accept and integrate into our lives. Because anger has been labeled as “unspiritual”, it is an emotion that can carry with it feelings of shame and self-judgment. Because anger carries so much energy, it is an emotion that is easy for us to deny, repress, or act out in a way that often harms others. It seems as if we are either someone who is always angry or someone who is never angry. Because anger can bring with it so many contradictory feelings, it is hard for us to accept anger as a valuable emotion, and it is hard for us to know how to express anger in our lives.

For this reason, Kathleen Denison and I decided to offer our next upcoming retreat day on the topic of “Transforming Repressed Anger into Personal Power.” We will be meeting on Saturday, October 20, from 10am to 5pm to learn a safe, holistic process to discover our hidden anger, claim its vital energy without judgment, and redirect it for constructive uses.

What would it be like to befriend your anger? How can you begin to use your anger to help you clarify what is true for you, set healthy boundaries, and gain new energy? Come and join us to find out!

For more information and to register, click here.

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