Tuesday Night Live

Boost your week and your soul every Tuesday night from 6:30-8 pm. In a guided group setting in the Sun Valley area of San Rafael we reconnect, reflect and get re-energized. What happens on Tuesday nights? Variety! Every week is different, offering practices that bring more joy and meaning to our lives.

Some evenings will be contemplative; others will be energetic and playful. Some will feature wisdom or a practice from a particular tradition like Christianity, Taoism, Sufism, or Hinduism; others will inspire us through music, poetry or art. Some will feature lively group interaction; others will let you be mostly on your own to reflect, enjoy nature or create something with your hands. Some will start with movement, a video or music; others will easy us into quiet tranquility through guided imagery or spacious silence.

Each week’s format is varied with the intent to inspire, promote wholeness and experience tranquility, happiness and community. Join us as together we seek to come fully alive from the inside out.

Every meeting will have:

  • Hospitality. A warm, inclusive welcome invites you to bring your whole self, as you are.
  • Refreshments. We enjoy hot tea and tasty (usually homemade) treats.
  • Community. Respectful, non-judgmental listening and speaking opens the heart, expands the mind, and taps into a potent collective energy that we can’t access alone.
  • Fun. Laughter is plentiful.
  • Inspiration. An inspirational song, writing, movement, work of art, or other catalyst moves us from our distracted way of being into a shared loving presence.
  • Authenticity. We seek to be fully present and real.  We speak from and listen for the deepest in ourselves, others, and the sacred. We take seriously the path toward greater honesty and wholeness, yet we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • Learning-orientation. We treat it all as a practice, not a perfection, in which there is no striving or judgment, only learning, openness, safe risk-taking for the sake of growth, and friendship with our inner lives, each other, and the Mystery of Life.

When: Tuesday nights from 6:30-8pm.

Where: Central San Rafael, California. We would love for you to join us!  Please contact me so we can chat a bit about the group and your interest in it and so that I can answer any questions you have. I usually like to have a brief discussion with newcomers before providing the meeting location to confirm that this group is a good fit for them.

Cost: Free (Those who wish to support these weekly events with a contribution are welcome to do so.)

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